Двойной Би-Секс Отсос 2 / Blow Bi Blow 2 (2009) DVDRip

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Двойной Би-Секс Отсос 2 / Blow Bi Blow 2
Год производства: 2009 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Gay, Bi-sexual
Продолжительность: 01:04:52 01:04:45
Язык: Английский
Студия: Devil's Films
В ролях: Rose, Pamela, Lynn, Jason, Jack, Steven, Oliver, Julianna, Rusty, Sweety, Stephan, Donny, Archie.
Описание: Boys & Girls Blowing Boys! So this chick's sucking your buddy's cock as you stand next to him, but then she looks at you and asks, '...wanna try? And then your buddy says, 'C'mon dude, give it a try see if you're as good as she is!' So you think to yourself, 'is this where I become bisexual?' Sure is! And you're about to discover how hot sucking another guy's cock can be! And the funny thing is... it won't be long until he's sucking yours! Being Bi really is the best of both worlds, now see what you've been missing!
Качество: DVDRip
Формат: MPEG
Видео кодек: XviD
Аудио кодек: MPEG Audio (mp3)
Видео: XVID, Size:576x320 pixels, Frame rate:29.97fps, Bit rate:1510 Kbps [Video 0]
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3, Sample rate:48000Hz, stereo, Bit rate:129 Kbps [Audio 1]

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yes, ive gotten a bad blow job before. from a woman who clearly didnt know what she was doing. before that, i didnt think it was possible to get a bad blow job.
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